The First All-In-One Resale App

We make resale as fast as scan, post, and sell

Increase Sales

Our app automatically posts your listings to multiple marketplaces and significantly increases your income.

Save your Time

rScan saves over 90% of the time it takes to lookup product details and post your goods online.

Get Started Easily

The strength of the rScan app is its simplicity – scan the UPC code, post to resale platforms, and sell.

Our Features

Real-Time Product Data

Our scanner finds your exact product details

Ultra-Fast Listing Creation

Use scanner data to create marketplace listings in seconds

Order History

View individual orders and buy shipping labels in the app

What our clients are saying

“We were scanning and posting products within 10 minutes of starting to use the app. rScan has given us the ability to take our hobby and turn it into a real business because all of the different tools we needed are now in one app.”

Eddy Gonzalez, Expert Reseller

"rScan makes the entire process incredibly efficient. It used to take us 10 minutes just to post one product and now it takes 1. We’ve been able to increase our volume several times over just because of the ease of this app.”

Ciera Whybrew, rScan user

"I’ve been reselling online for years and it’s hard to keep track of all the postings, what’s sold, and what hasn’t. rScan tracks all of that right from my smartphone. No more lugging around computers and tracking a bunch of spreadsheets.”

Chris Macedo, Store Owner